Using WiFi like radar

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have come up with a way to create 3D images of the space around a WiFi access point. Because of the way WiFi signals bounce they can use them like radar. By watching how the signals bounce off people and objects they can build a 3D image of the room.

This reminds me of the Batman movie The Dark Knight. In that movie they used something like this with cell phones.

Is this a risk to privacy? Friedemann Reinhard says, “After all, to a certain degree even encrypted signals transmit an image of their surroundings to the outside world. However, it is rather unlikely that this process will be used (to look) into foreign bedrooms in the near future. For that, you would need to go around the building with a large antenna, which would hardly go unnoticed.”

So for now, we are safe and this technology could be very useful for other reasons. With the rate technology grows who knows what the future holds.

Find the source article here.


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