How to setup Hyper-V

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s answer to running virtual machines on the windows platform. It is a very useful tool for running lots of machines on one physical box. Here is the steps I used to setup Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012.

1. From the windows server manager dashboard click add roles and features.
Add roles and features

2. Click Next.
Before you begin

3. Select Role-based of feature-based installation then hit next.
Installation type

4. Pick the server you are installing hyper-v on then hit next.
Server selection

5. Select the Hyper-V role.
Server Roles

6. Click “Add Features” then back on the role screen hit next.
Add required features for Hyper-V

7. Just hit next on the Features screen. We do not need any of this at this time.

8. Hit next on the Hyper-V screen.
Hyper-V install

9. Select a network card for Hyper-V to use then hit next.
Virtual Switches

10. I am going to leave Migration off for now because I will only have 1 Hyper-V server.

11. I also only have 1 hard drive in this server so I will just keep the default store location.
Default Stores

12. Start the install. Nothing else is running on this server so I also checked the box to automatically restart if required.
Confirm and install

13. After the install and reboot  we go into the control panel. Then into administrative tools to find “Hyper-V Manager”. I like to make a shortcut on the desktop so it is easy to get to.
Make shortcut to Hyper-V Manager

Now you’re all done Setting up Hyper-V! Just open the Hyper-V Manager and make all the virtual machines you want!


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