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UPDATE: Very sad news! CrashPlan for Home is going away. You can no longer get or renew a subscription and on October 23, 2018, the service will be shut down. This sucks because I did months of research and CrashPlan for home was by far the best backup solution out there at the time. They are trying to send people over to Carbonite but I left Carbonite because the service was not as good. At this point, I am using IDrive and I think it may be the best alternative for the CrashPlan family plan. Blackblaze may be the best for a single computer based on the plans but I have not used it myself.

I have used a lot of backup software over the years and out of all of them, I think CrashPlan is my favorite.

CrashPlan GUI

The simplest way to put it is CrashPlan lets me do what I want to do. The problem I have with other cloud backup software is there is always some kind of limits. For example, the reason I left carbonite is because they would not let me back up the AppData folder on my computer. That seems crazy to me because that is where a lot of programs store data.

Other backup software also implements upload and download speed limits. The limits only make it harder to start a new backup or restore if something bad happens. CrashPlan has no such limits.

As an IT guy, I also love the fact that CrashPlan lets me tweak and play with all kinds of settings. Other backup software has no way to adjust things like how often to backup or how long to keep old data. CrashPlan will let you keep all your old data in your backup forever if you choose to! It will even run on Linux and Mac. Most home backup software only runs on Windows.

CrashPlan is one of the few backup solutions that have true unlimited storage. I personally use the Family plan. This lets me install it on 10 computers. Because I am the IT guy in the family they always come to me for help. So, if someone’s computer dies I can tell them all their files are safe. This is also nice because I can restore files from any computer to any other computer. Making it easy to get back up and running on another computer when a computer dies.

There are other features that I have never used. Stuff like backing up to your other computers or backing up to a friend’s computer.

This brings me to my last point. CrashPlan uses 448-bit file encryption so any data backed up is safe. Even if your friend lets you store it on their computer. CrashPlan will even let you use your own key for the encryption. If you do this the people at CrashPlan will have no access to the unencrypted data. I don’t know any other home backup solution that lets you do that.

In short CrashPlan rocks and I feel like it is the best backup software out there. It is not as simple as some other stuff out there but it is very powerful!

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