Trump wants 5G wireless

5G Wireless service declared national security priority

President Trump’s White House has released a new National Security Strategy that has a line in it that mentions 5G wireless. “We will improve America’s digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G Internet capability nationwide.

Trump wants 5G

New 5G service

This is wonderful news to me. I happen to live in an area that only has 2 options for internet. Satellite and 4G. So, getting up to 10 gigabits per second from 5G wireless would be heaven. Verizon has already announced it will launch residential 5G broadband services in up to 5 markets in 2018.

And thanks to more and more competition in the wireless market the prices and plans are getting better every year. We are even starting to get unlimited data plans back after losing them for several years.

5G could help drive prices down in a free market

Wireless internet is still more expensive than a physical connection. But if we stay on this trend the free market should keep pushing prices down while making the service better. And now that the misleadingly named law called net neutrality has been undone the free market may even make physical line connections better. When ISPs like cable companies have to compete with wireless companies for customers the customers are the ones that win. I think the next few years will be exciting assuming the government does not step in with more burdensome regulations.



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