GDC Talks

Here is a small list of GDC talks I have watched and enjoyed.

Boss battle design fundamentals

How to make a memorable and interesting boss battle.

The 5 Pillars & Pitfalls of Indie Games PR

Thomas Reisenegger shows the 5 PR pillars indie studios doing their own PR should prioritize in order to get their games in front of press, YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

Leading a Creative Life in the Land of “No”

Bob Bates provides solutions for game developers frustrated by obstacles and annoyances they encounter while working in the game industry. If you’ve ever felt like no one ever listens to your ideas, or you can’t get your game idea off the ground, this talk aims to provide solutions to help you manage your creative spirit and mental health while working in the games business.

And on the same topic here is a post I like that talks about why creativity is a numbers game.

Practical Law 101 For Indie Developers: Not Scary Edition

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